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It's not even the end of the day and you can't wait to sit down and put your feet up. The heaviness, aching and throbbing you feel in your lower extremities may even be clearly visible by the bluish trails along your legs. If so, you probably dislike what you see as much as the discomfort it causes.

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Microphlebectomy is a way of removing the large bulging varicose veins that look like twisty ropes on your legs.

The technique involves numbing the skin and tissues around the veins. A very small incision or puncture is made. The vein is grasped by a very small hook and simply extracted from the incision. After the numbing, the only thing you feel is some tugging. The incisions are so small they do not require stitches or leave scars.

This procedure replaces the older “ambulatory phlebectomy” in which incisions 1 or 2 inches long were made, and the veins were surgically excised and ligated at the ends. Although effective, this older procedure left numerous permanent scars.

Some vein doctors do not offer microphlebectomy and prefer to inject the varicose veins. Although this sounds easier, it may leave a large firm red tender knot (phlebitis) at the site. This does resolve, but may leave a brown stain that takes months to go away. Phlebectomy does not do this.