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What is Closure Fast™?

  • Safe and effective treatment for venous reflux of the Saphenous veins
  • Known as RFA or radiofrequency ablation
  • The modern replacement for vein stripping.  
  • How it works: Heat – A highly specialized catheter is inserted into the refluxing vein using ultrasound guidance. The tissues surrounding the vein are numbed up with a large volume of dilute “numbing medicine”, (tumescent anesthesia). The catheter is connected to a Radiofrequency generator. It carefully controls the heating of the catheter tip to a point where the vein will close down, but the surrounding tissues will not be harmed.  The catheter is removed at the end of the procedure.

Closure Fast Aftercare

  • A compression garment is worn for several days afterwards to keep blood from getting trapped in the vein.
  • Patients can resume normal activities as soon as they feel like it, usually later that day or the next.  
  • Pain medications stronger than Tylenol, Advil or Aspirin are rarely if ever needed.
  • An ultrasound has to be completed in a few days to make sure the vein has properly closed and no deep vein clots are present

The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes.

If proper criteria are met, which are different for each insurance company as well as each individual policy, nearly all insurance companies cover this.

Limitations: It cannot be used in twisty veins as the straight catheter won’t go in. If the vein is very close to the skin, the heat could damage the skin so another method has to be used. If used below the calf muscle the heat could injury a sensory nerve that could cause numbness in the inner lower leg and ankle.

Risks of ClosureFast

The main risk of the procedure is getting a DVT or blood clot in a nearby major deep vein. This risk is exceptionally low: 0.1-2%. If it does occur it is usually silent and causes no symptoms. The vein also has a slight chance of not closing or reopening: 1%

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