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What are Spider Veins?

  • Very small veins in the skin that have enlarged and are visible
  • They are actually small varicose veins
  • Called spider veins because they may appear in a web like pattern or start at a central point and radiate out like the legs of a spider
  • Caused by the same thing that causes the larger varicose veins to enlarge, just on a smaller scale.  (Venous Reflux or Venous Blockage)

Problems Associated With Spider Veins

  • Can sting and can often times come up suddenly with a popping sensation. Many people refer to this as the veins breaking or bursting
  • Can literally burst and bleed. When this happens the blood usually pours out and can bleed excessively.  If this happens you need to lie down, put the leg as high in the air as possible and have someone hold pressure
  • Can also be the result of local injury to that area
  • Can be unsightly – If your legs don’t hurt (but just look bad) treatment is considered cosmetic and will not be covered by insurance
  • Can cause way more leg pain than would be expected. This usually is because there is a problem in the larger veins inside the leg. If you have any symptoms with your spider veins, it is best to have an ultrasound of your legs to look for underlying vein problems. This ultrasound has to be done standing. (ultrasound done lying down will not detect reflux, the major cause of vein problems)

Treatment for Spider Veins

When making an appointment with us for spider veins, we feel it is important to know if there is a larger underlying problem

  • If your legs do not hurt and just look bad, an ultrasound is probably not needed. After a brief evaluation to make sure it is safe, sclerotherapy can be done at the initial visit
  • If your legs do have discomfort or other problems, we prefer to do an ultrasound at your first visit and decide on treatment plans after the ultrasound that same day
  • Our appointment schedulers will help you with this decision.

Spider Veins Charlotte | Spider Vein Treatment Gastonia NC

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If you suffer from Spider Veins and are looking for treatment, call 704-544-5245 to schedule a consultation. Vein Specialists of the Carolinas serves Charlotte, Gastonia, and surrounding areas in North Carolina.

Spider Veins Charlotte | Spider Vein Treatment Gastonia NC
Spider Veins Charlotte | Spider Vein Treatment Gastonia NC

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