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Thirty years ago, ultrasound performed from OUTSIDE THE BODY changed the entire vein world. In the last 10 years, ultrasound INSIDE THE VEINS has changed everything again.

What is IVUS? (IntraVenous UltraSound)

  • The revolutionary technology that allows us to put a miniaturized ultrasound probe INSIDE a major vein and study its shape, size and wall characteristics
  • Extremely precise images, videos and measurements and be recorded
  • This technology is so groundbreaking, that conditions that were once thought to be rare, are now commonly found

How IVUS is Done

A long thin catheter with the ultrasound crystal is placed in the leg vein and advanced up close to the heart. It is slowly pulled back recording the size and shape of the veins. Each area can be compared to any other area to calculate the difference in size. If a size discrepancy more than 50% is found, a stent may be required. This is usually done in conjunction with X-Ray dye (Venogram). The location of the ultrasound images and the stent placement is coordinated with the x ray images.

Advantages of IVUS

  • IVUS is much more sensitive than venogram in detecting blockages
  • Treatment of the underlying vein problems can be done at the same time as the diagnostic study
  • We offer this amazing diagnostic tool as well as any needed treatment in our AAAHC accredited Charlotte Office Based Surgical Facility.

IVUS Risks

  • There is virtually no risk of IVUS alone other than the tiny risk of putting the catheter in the vein. This is aided by external ultrasound guidance.
  • The main risk is allergic reaction to the x-ray dye. IVUS can be done using the x ray alone without the dye

Philips Volcano Charlotte | Gastonia NC

Philips Volcano Charlotte | Gastonia NC

We are proud to be one of a very few Vein Practices nationwide to be able to offer this comprehensive level of quality proven care in the office setting.

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